Overlock yarns

There are 30 different colours to choose from and you can also ask for “best match”. Our design team has already identified the best matching yarn colour for each individual carpet quality. Overlock is the most widely available option for our any size, any shape concept and almost any construction with Soft Dreams Lux being the exception. All the overlock yarns are made from strong, durable polyamide.

Overlock yarns

Textiles and colours

Dubl shows its textile structure, and is thus visibly and tangibly illustrating its weaving background. The archetype with tried and tested qualities for precise finishing provides full colour areas with particular depth for expressive interior design.


Surfaces of CAS Rooms elements floor profile, aluminium frame profile, modular grid profile, ceiling support bracket and technical modular element are available in four RAL colours: oyster white, iron grey, black grey and light grey.


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Tioo Uni &
Tioo Check

Tioo shows off its textile structure. Whether restrained and plain or a more expressive two-tone look, Tioo provides a subtle, yet strong statement in the room. Colour design that fits modern office interior.

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